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 Welcome to the Green Fund     

 Latest News and publications

 The Green Fund is a unique, newly established national fund that seeks to support green initiatives to assist South Africa’s transition to a low carbon, resource efficient and climate resilient development path delivering high impact economic, environmental and social benefits.

The Fund will respond to market weaknesses currently hampering South Africa’s transition to a green economy by:

  1. Promoting innovative and high impact green programmes and projects
  2. Reinforcing climate policy objectives through green interventions
  3. Building an evidence base for the expansion of the green economy, and
  4. Attracting additional resources to support South Africa’s green economy development.  



Green Fund Documents:

DBSA Environmental Appraisal Framework - *New
DBSA Environmental and Social Safeguard Standards - *New
DBSA Social and Institutional Guidelines Summary - *New

Green Fund Policy Brief 1 - The Green Fund: Establishment, Process and Prospects
Green Fund Roundtable Report - Building Capacity
Green Fund Annual Report 2012-2013

Green Fund Brochure

AFRICEF-3 RFP Guidelines




View the status of your Green Fund application here.



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