Providing catalytic finance to facilitate
South Africa's transition to a green economy.


Facilitating green initiative investment
through catalytic finance.


Promoting innovative and high impact
green programmes and projects.


Reinforcing climate policy objectives
through green interventions.

Field Ranger Inspection

Supporting South Africa's transition to
a low carbon, resource-efficient
and climate resilient development path.

Wastepreneurs Project

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About the Green Fund

The Green Fund is a unique, newly established national fund that seeks to support green initiatives to assist South Africa’s transition to a low carbon, resource efficient and climate resilient development path delivering high impact economic, environmental and social benefits. The Fund is managed by the Development of Bank of South Africa (DBSA) on behalf of Department of Environmental Affairs.

The Fund will respond to market weaknesses currently hampering South Africa’s transition to a green economy by:

  1. Promoting innovative and high impact green programmes and projects
  2. Reinforcing climate policy objectives through green interventions
  3. Building an evidence base for the expansion of the green economy, and
  4. Attracting additional resources to support South Africa’s green economy development.

News & Events

R1.1billion Green Fund Jump-Starts Innovation, Jobs and Investment. Environment News, 8 April 2015

Affordable Green Housing Possible Through Nedbank & DBSA Green Fund Partnership. Click HERE for Press Release and HERE for Photos of the Launch Event.

Featured Project

Project DescriptionThe project involves the transformation of unused landfill sites and idle land into active carbon sequestration zones through reforestation. The project involves communities in sourcing seeds and growing trees for the reforestation programme (Treepreneurs). Local communities are also employed to plant trees and manage the forests. The programme has invested heavily in skills development and in building environmental awareness.
Green Fund Window:Environmental & Natural Resource Management
Economic Sector:Payment for Ecosystem Services
Current Stage:Implementation
Total Green Funding:R 36,940,000
Total Cost of Project:R 66,820,000
Total No. of Trees that have been planted to date329,083 Trees have been planted on 519 ha of land on the three different project sites. These sites include the Buffelsdraai, Inanda Mountain and Paradise Valley project sites.
Estimated Employment:To date, the project has provided 662 permanent, part-time and temporal jobs with an additional 807 Treepreneurs have been supported by the project.
Location:KwaZulu Natal