Green Fund Request for Proposals & Invitations to Tender 2018

Green Fund Tender Notice & Invitation to Tender : RFP054/2018; RFP055/2018; AND RFP056/2018     (STUDIES)

Green Fund Request for Proposals : PROP2018001      (PROJECTS)

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Green Fund Policy Brief 1 – The Green Fund Establishment, Process and Prospects

Green Fund Policy Brief 2 – Supporting South Africa’s Emerging Green Economy Research Agenda: Insights from the Green Fund

Green Fund Policy Brief 3 – Mapping the Green Economy Landscape in South Africa: Perspectives of the Green Fund

Green Fund Policy Brief 4 – Ethekwini Municipality Community Reforestation Programme – A Model of Ecosystem-Based Adaptation

Green Fund Policy Brief 5 – SANParks Conservation led Rural Development – A Tale of Two Pilots

Green Fund Policy Brief 6 – I-Shack Offgrid Solar Electricity Utility – An Incremental Model for Faster, Greener Informal Settlement Upgrading

Green Fund Policy Brief 7 – A Framework for Investment in Environmental and Natural Resource Management (ENRM) for a Green Economy

Green Fund Policy Brief 8 – Transitioning South Africa to a Green Economy: Opportunities for Green Jobs in the Waste Sector

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