Research Projects

ApplicantProject NameTypeProject DescriptionProject Footprint
Asset ResearchSustainable farming as a viable option for enhanced food and nutritional security and a sustainable productive resource basePrivateThe objective of the research project is to translate the emerging knowledge on sustainable farming systems and food security in South Africa into a viable large-scale option in support of a greener, low carbon economy. National
Endangered Wildlife TrustAn assessment of the economic, social and conservation value of the wildlife ranching industry in South Africa, and its potential to support the green economy.NGOThe research will involve a detailed national assessment of the economic, social and environmental value and conservation contribution of the wildlife ranching industry and its potential to support the green economy in South Africa. National
South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI)Investing in ecological infrastructure to enhance water security in the uMngeni River catchmentPublicThe overall aim of the research is to develop a framework and strategy to guide investments in ecological infrastructure in the greater uMngeni River catchment to support water security and climate change resilience, and to advance the inclusion of the concept of ecological infrastructure in decision‐making and policy development nationally.Kwazulu Natal
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF South Africa)Enhancing ecological infrastructure in the uMngeni catchment through collective private sector action: The role of private finance and marketsNGOThe research will adopt an applied research and action learning approach in the uMngeni catchment to improve understanding of how collective environmental action within the private sector can be leveraged within geographically confined ecosystems.Kwazulu Natal
CM Solutions Lithium battery recycling processPrivateThe aim of this study is to develop and test a locally possible process to recycle lithium batteries that can be taken to the feasibility stage of design. The possibility of mass-scale implementation will be also be investigated.National
CSIR (Natural Resources and the Environment) and (Enterprise Creation for Development)Evaluation of cooperatives as a developmental vehicle to support job creation and SME development in the waste sector (case studies): A means to achieve the goals of the National Waste Management StrategyPublicThis project will investigate the potential of waste cooperatives as a local resource‐based, labour-intensive, developmental vehicle by evaluating numerous case studies of waste cooperatives in the country, and capturing this learning in practical outputs which could support future successful implementation of waste cooperatives.National
Rust Geotechnical ConsultantsThe use of dormant urban mine sites to achieve greener South African citiesPrivateThis research project will investigate renewable energy solutions to the problems that dormant mine sites pose to many South African towns and cities. Particular in depth focus will be given to the possibility of exploiting geothermal energy resources within dormant mine shafts in the Johannesburg area. Gauteng
South African Cities NetworkSouth African cities green transport programmeNGOThe programme seeks to work with the metros to develop a coordinated approach across the cities for transitioning to greener and ultimately cheaper modes for public transport. This will include developing programmatic strategies around accessing finance and managing procurement that will save cities the costs of negotiating this transition on their own. The research will seek to develop a modular, phased approach for cities/stakeholders in implementing green transport solutions.National
CSIR (Built Environment)Potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the construction sectorPublicThe proposal aims to identify the potential for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the construction sector by constructing a GHG Inventory for current conventional building materials to use as a baseline for measuring alternative building materials, products, systems and components.National
CSIR (Polymers and Composites Competence Area)Development of bio-based composite products from agricultural wastes/ crops residues for applications in automotive sector and green buildings in South AfricaPublicThe research involves the development of bio-based nano-composite products reinforced with agricultural wastes and will test its application in the green buildings and automotive industries. National
Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA)Earth, Wind and Fire: Unpacking the political, economic and security implications of discourse on the green economyNGOThe research will provide a framework of process guidelines to aid policymakers to develop a more integrated mix of policy instruments to promote sustainable innovation in South Africa.National
National Business InitiativeProposal to conduct a research study on the design of policy frameworks and financial instruments to enhance investment in the green economy in South AfricaNGOThis research projects aims to provide recommendations for the design of policy and financial instruments that would accelerate investment in the green economy in South Africa. National
Stellenbosch University (Process Engineering)Repositioning South Africa in a low carbon world through the integration of chemicals and biofuels production with combined heat and power generation into existing bio-based industriesPublicThe proposal will provide an insight into the potential of utilising lignocellulose biomass (second generation biomass) in SA through the integration of a modern bio-refinery concept into an existing bio-based facility, with emphasis on advanced technologies.National
Stellenbosch University
Natural Antimicrobial Peptides as Green Microbicides in AgriculturePublicThis project entails a proof of concept study to utilise natural bio-control/microbicide agents, namely antimicrobial peptides, as green microbicides to (1) prevent latent fungal pathogen carry-over into plant cultures/nursery propagated plants and (2) afford protection against post-harvest fungal pathogens infecting harvested produce. National
Camco Clean EnergyVoluntary Carbon Offset Trading Platform ProposalPrivateThe research will assess the viability of establishing a carbon offsets trading platform at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), as an important input to the development of the offsets component under the proposed South African carbon tax.National
Stellenbosch University
(Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering)
Research and Development of a Novel Direct-Drive Permanent Magnet Generator for Renewable Energy Conversion SystemsPublicThis proposal aims to develop a realisable generator technology that may improve the modern wind turbine drive-train. Specifically the project involves the construction and testing of a 50 kW generator prototype.National